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Congratulations New Officers!

The election results are in!  Congratulations to our new and returning SWTX-APA 2018/ 2019 Section Officers!

Director – Rebecca Pacini, AICP
Assistant Director – Christopher Lazaro
Treasurer – Krystin Ramirez
Secretary – Heather Yost McCallister
Professional Development Officer – John Osten, AICP

The new board members will assume office following the TX-APA Chapter Conference on November 1-3 in Frisco.

Thanks to all of the candidates who ran for a position in this year’s election.  The Section is always in need of dedicated volunteers so we hope that everyone who ran will stay involved.

A special thanks to the outgoing board members.  Thank you for your service over the past 2+ years.  It has been a pleasure working with you all and I am very proud of what we accomplished including a very successful Chapter Conference, our first ever Mayoral Forum, the Housing Summit, and numerous other social and professional development events that were provided for our members.   Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Sofia Lopez, Assistant Director
Krystin Ramirez, Treasurer
Kristin Flores, Secretary
John Osten, AICP, Professional Development Officer
Jacob Floyd, AICP, Public Information Officer
Rudy Nino, Jr., AICP, Immediate Past Director


Michael Taylor, AICP
2016/ 2017 SWTX-APA Director


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