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September Section Lunch

 Please join us this Friday, September 26,  from 11:30 to 12:30 at Tycoon Flats.  This month’s SWTX-APA lunch will feature a presentation on the REnewSA Community Development Study, which will identify redevelopment areas within the City of San Antonio and test the feasibility of individual redevelopment projects..  No CM credit has been requested for this lunch.

Tycoon Flats

2926 N. St Mary’s

San Antonio, Texas

2014 Mini-Conference Presentations

The presentations given during this years event are being made available online with the permission of our presenters, along with several supplemental items.

Session 1: Water Supply Planning

Session 2: Law

Lunch Session: Old Main Building Restoration

Session 4: How Good Are Your Planning Ethics

Session 5: San Antonio Greenway Trails

Session 5: Trail Construction Build Out time lapse progress – 7-25-14

Session 5: Edwards Aquifer Protection Program

Session 6: Redeveloping Greyfields

Session 6: (Extra) APA Zoning Practice_Commercial Greyfields